Sunday, November 20, 2011

it's Justin Bearber! Not Justin Bieber :p

Hello friends! :D I know you already waited zillion of years (nah just kidding :p) for this new post right? Because our topic in this post is..... *drum rolls*

Who the heck is Justin Bearber? Let me introduce him to you ;)
He is Justin Bieber 's twins in teddy bear version!
I made this for my cousin as her birthday present because she is a HUGE Beliebers
JBear love his NY baseball cap...
and his Supra sneakers!

Last month was my birthday (on 20th October) and I made birthday cards for myself! :p Maybe it's weird, but the truth is I've never made pop-up card for myself.

I wanted to make 15 cards (because it's my 15th birthday) but I only finished 4 because of lack of ideas -_-
The theme is my favorite things! :)
I put them in the special place in my room so I can see them everyday :) please ignore my super childish wallpaper LOL :p
I named them Josephine's lil cards! :D it's only 9.3x6 cm and it's fit to card-size envelope
I really love Eiffel Tower! This is the first card I made on lil cards series. The big Eiffel tower is a gift from my friend @xoxo_fely @xoxo_Jes @cynfebriani thank you guys :*
Actually I made these cards as my shop's name card, but I'm feeling reluctant if I must give these cards for free hehe :p
And the second, Little Red Riding Hood!
I don't know why I love her but I just loooooveeee her! ;p
Next, Matryoshka! The two matryoshkas in the middle are soooo cheap! It only about 20ribu each or about $2 each! They can nod their head with light power. And I made the matryoshka on the left side by my own, so it can explain why the she is a bit different from the other matryoshka. Guess what she is made from? Botol yakult bekas! I will give the tutorial on the next post :) *kalo inget hehe :p*
I get the inspiration from Babalisme because I really like her creations :) They're so cute!
And the last one, Domo-kun. Do you know him? He is the mascot of a television station in Japan
Do you know what is Domo-kun doing? He is juggling balls (although my friends and family think he is standing and some circles above him are rainbow -_-)
I really love the back of my room door! :) Because I can see the photos of my friends and family :D

Josephine Sutji

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hearts on Card Challenge Blog

Hello! :) This will be a super quick post because actually I already prepared my projects for next post (as I promised on the last post) so anggep aja ini selingan gitu hehe :p

I have never joined in a card challenge blog before, and I think it's gonna be fun! So the blog owner will give the theme or something like that then we as the crafters will follow the theme and make cute cards! :3

"Less is More" 's theme this week is heart and this is my card!

The rules said that you must make one layer card, and I'm not sure what one layer specificly means so I only folded a 18x9 cardboard into a square 9x9 card and painted it with acrylic paint. Aaaaand because of my careless attitude, I just read that one of the rule is "A design of card with clean lines, minimal elements, areas of white space and few or no embellishments." .as you can see, my card has BLACK background and so far away from simple because I love something colorful :) But usually when I make pop-up card, I focus on the inside and the card's cover are too plain. Because I love when you get surprise and happy when you open my card :)

So most of my cards are look like me, I'm quite suck at first impresion and so do my cards. If saw me for the first time, you will see me as a shy and quite people. But if you already knew me, you will find out that I'm actually a super talkative and cheerful person :D So your craft reflect your personalities. This is my first time make a card and focus on the cover rather than the inside and it's my first time too to make a painted card :)

I hope my card don't get disqualified because I'm too careless while reading the rules haha -_-


Josephine Sutji

Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm back! (With some new projects of course)

Hey there! Finally I'm blogging again after almost two months missing in action (by saying action I mean school, by saying school I mean go to school from 5.30 am and arrive at home safely at 3.30 pm everyday)
Oh I'm so tired with school days! I spend almost 11 hours outside home and I super miss my blog and my crafts! So I hope you guys apologize my absence ;) and I have bunch of projects that I haven't posted yet! This will be a loooong and full pictures post.

I made this birthday pop up card for my friend Angel :)
The theme was surprise birthday party (I made this card a week before her birthday and feel a bit guilty about the theme because our surprise didn't go really well)

This birthday pop up card is also for my friend, Jessica
Basically she's a gadget freak and craving for some new sophisticated gadget so yeah, this theme suit her really well

That LittleMacbook was inspirated by Mactini lol ;p
how to make gif
I just made my first GIF! What do you think? ;) As you can see, the LittleMac can be opened and closed.
Some decorated envelopes

These are my costumers orders ;)

"Singer" birthday pop-up card
"Basketball player (Boy)" Teddy bear paper bookmark
You can customized your order! Just email me at (ps: i love emails! ;p)

Beliebers, stay tune with the next post! Because I'm sure you guys will love those new papercrafts! lol ;p


Josephine Sutji

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Girl Who Loves Animals

Last week was my friend Felicia birthday :)
She loves animals and she has loooots of animals in her house :p
I'm not really good in make doggies LOL :p I prefer make teddies ;)
You know, the birds look like they're flying right? So here's the secret!
Double tape! Simple and Easy right?
I'm really into pop up cards these days :)
I love to decorate the envelope!

Feley's surprise birthday party! Kita tuang Sprite, susu cokelat sama kertas kertas kecil ke dia ampe dia lengket LOL

Hello friends :) sorry for the supeeer long hiatus haha :p I'm now official as a high school student! Sometimes I still can't believe that I'm already using "rok abu-abu". I just thought yesterday I just entered junior high school haha :p Time flew so fast. I'm a bit busy in my new school these days (you know, homeworks and tests -___-) So I just postpone my tutorial hehe :p sorry make you guys waiting so loooong hehe :p I will try to blog every weekends :) and I will reply your sweet comments as soon as possible!


teddy bear princess

Friday, July 8, 2011

Leaving On A Jet Plane

This is a farewell card for my friend, Winna. She just moved to Pekanbaru 3 days ago :( She asked me to made her a teddy bear paper bookmark before she moved, so I made the paper bookmark as a farewell card too hehe :p
Maybe you guys are curious why the bear is flying with balloon and shed a tear? So I drew the complete story on my whiteboard haha :p (please ignore my super bad and preschool-look-a-like drawings, and yes, that's a plane up there)
She was a Ketua OSIS! How cool is that? haha :p ( I don't know what is the English of OSIS haha -__- maybe council?) She has a blog named The Juicy Candy, visit her blog here! :)

Don't forget me yah Winna hehe :p Enak-enak di tempat baru hehe :')

On last Father's Day, I made this to my father:
My father is so busy these days hehe.. I hope he feels happy after see my gift while working hehe :p

I'm working on my tutorial! :D The best part is, it will be in Indonesian haha :p (maksudnya gara-gara bahasa inggris yang pas-pas an haha -__-) New tutorial fresh from the oven in my next post!

By the way, for those who asking, I sell my teddy bear paper bookmark or other cards! :D I already wrote that in my right sidebar :) If you want to ask me or buy, just email me at I will happilly answer your sweet emails! :D


teddy bear princess

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fashion Bloggers: Evita Nuh

Do you know Evita Nuh? She's only 12 and she's a super famous Indonesian fashion blogger and has her own clothing shop! How cool is that? :D When I was 12, I only used computer to play games -___- and I really suck in mix and match for clothes.
are they similar? :)
She said that her style is depends on her mood but as I see, she often uses colorful and vintage clothes. Her blog name is ♥The crème de la crop♥
She also good at photography, her big sisters have a photography company.
I love her icey looks! :p
She has lotssssss of tights! :D As you can see in this post
it's red converse sneakers! :) I hope I have one too hehe :p
I love how she combine her red knit hat and those adorable pins :)
smiley face! :)

trademark ♥

I just bought a new pencil colors! My old one were borrowed by my youngest brother and when he returned it to me, almost a half of the pencils were lost! :( (Note for myself: never ever let your brother borrowed your favourite things)

Note: I think I will make a tutorial! Yay! My first tutorial! :) Since I have so many time (it's holiday, right?) What do you want to know how to make? :D


teddy bear princess


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