Monday, February 7, 2011

Sour Sally Bear-version

Do you recognize this cute girl in the logo? Yup. It's Sally from Sour Sally! She is so cute! I heart her black-white striped socks, her green cheeks and her vintage dress. I also love the frozen yogurt. It's delicious! :D So, I thought why don't I make one? So this is my Sally Bear-version! :)

"Hi! My name is Sally-Bear. Nice to meet you Sally. Wanna my fro-yo?", said Sally-Bear.

It's pink pinkalicious flavour with the toppings : kiwi, coco crunch, mochi pink and mango.
*kedoyanan gue juga nih :9*

I even add some cute green ribbon on her hair. My trademark!

I collected the fro-yo cup haha. Just for fun :p. I even have the special edition one. Sally's picture on the cup is super cute! In SMALL size, she is sitting down, In MEDIUM size, she is standing, and in LARGE size, she is jumping!

Err.. Actually I'm not only collected Sour Sally cup, but I collected all cup that I ever ate!! :D Haha.. I know, it's starting to be weird huh? It's one of my STRANGE hobbies. :p
*bilang aja norak hehe*

I also collected the spoon but only the unique one.
*kalo ga kamar gue udah kayak tempat penyimpanan sampah -_-*


Bye-bye :) See my collections again soon.


Teddy Bear Princess


  1. Hi Josephine! thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. Your Sally-bear is fantastic!! well done! love her stripey socks!

  2. lols..
    that's not norak at all.. every one has their unique side, that's okay if u like to collect it. besides, the cup is so cute

  3. wooww...great dear.. did u download the template?or u just made the template by your own imagination?
    i like craft art too.. but i've not made it yet!hmm.. would u like to make a post about how to make the craft thing? n also included the materials too? i will really appreciate that ^^ n will be loveable too for me to read it.yippiiie ^^b

  4. Aww, I love your cup collection! And your Sally bear is really cute ^^

    Thank you for your comment on my blog! I hope we keep in touch!


  5. I'm a froyo addict too! but I can't collect all those cups like you! LOL, I should have!

  6. Hi, Josephine! Nice to meet you and Sally-Bear. She is much prettier in your version. I liked your story, I collect funny things, too. Keep doing good things!

  7. hahahah it wasn't strange hobby, fyi, I'm collecting Candies wrapper :P. hihihihi that's my hobby since primary school :)

    btw i really likes your cards works :) love love it


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