Sunday, April 3, 2011


I GOT MY FIRST FOLLOWER. I REPEAT, FIRST FOLLOWER!! Wohoooo.. I'm so happy :p *okay stop the lebay-ish action* She is Suzana from Quilling With Fun I really like her quilling :D It's so detail, I can make paper quilling too but my quilling are stained by the glue -_- I wonder wich type of glue she used..

(sorry for the small image, because I wanted to took the pictures directly from her blog but the size are to big so I save the pictures and resize it. For more clearer image, see her blog :D)

Most of craft bloggers are grown-up, they're few (or actualy I never seen) teen craft blogger like me :( I really want to find friends that as craft-addict as me haha :p (not that you guys not enough, but it will be more fun if we're in the same level age hehe). If you knew teen craft blogger like me can you share the link for me? Thank you :D

By the way, follow my blog too hehe :p


teddy bear princess

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  1. Josepfine, thank you very much for your lovely words. I'm so pleased to be your first follower. Love your stuff and hope you'll find more girls and boys like yourself to share your beautiful works with.
    I'll keep following you! Wish you all the best!


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