Saturday, April 23, 2011

teddy bear macarons

Finally yesterday I bought macarons! I ate it once at my parent's friend wedding and just fell in love with macarons ♥
the box is so cute (but also hard to take it home because it's so loooong :p) I bought them at Bakerzin They're so colorful like rainbow
Remember her? She's Jasmine :) my cutie teddy bear on my last post
Afternoon tea with macarons
Heeey.. Is that Jasmine? What is she doing? Aw.. She is looking at the macarons.. So cute ♥
What? You want my macarons? It's mine!
Heyy! My chocolate macaron is gone! Jasmineeeee, please look at me
Jasmine looked sorry for her behaviour.. I guess I'll just forgive you :│

Here are links for macarons recipes and tips :) It's super easy
tips via klub berani baking (indonesian)
recipe via bakerella
recipe via raspberri cupcakes (it's super adorable! rabbit macarons! :D)
recipe via hubpages
recipe via SoupAddict

Note: All photos were taken by my mom and me :) Thanks mom :D

teddy bear princess


  1. how cute, love the pictures with a story told, cute teddy bear!!

  2. Dear Josephine,
    Beautiful photos. Let's hope not eat all macarons the Jasmine.

  3. that was cute story of jasmine, haha. and beautiful pictures too, your mother should be a good at photography, right?

    aniwei, i havent heard about macarons before, so i decide to go visit klub baking indonesia. hhoho. aniwei, if you see my blog, there's some site that i put in sidebar, and this post, just check it here, and you will see another fabulous crafter :D

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. @Jessica: thank you dear ;) I already changed it :)

  6. Fotonya bagus-bagus ... makarunnya warna-warni lagi khas french macaroons. Saya juga suka makarun, cuman yang dijual ditoko sini agak beda bentuknya, tidak secantik the french ones.

  7. LOL! This is the cutest post ever :)

  8. hey, this is very cute! I love your picture so much :D

    ps: I super love your blog! I am following you now! :)

    visit my blog :
    please follow back if you like it :)


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