Saturday, May 21, 2011

Another award, Yippie!

Sorry just post again now :p I'm so BUSYYYYYY (word "busy" means for teenagers like me are hang-out with friends, texting them, and gossiping! :p LOL)
I got another award from Paula Hogue ;) thank you dear :) MY SECOND AWARD! :D
and I must write down 8 things about me, okay:

1. I'm the oldest sister in the family. I got 2 younger brothers ;)

me and brothers at 2004 xoxo

2. I LOVE CHEESECAKE! (and sushi!)

my last year birthday cake :)

3. I once had a dog named Jojo. But I was to busy to take care her so we decided to give her to my relative :'(

*sorry for lots of her photos, I must admit it, I miss her :(*


5. I really love teddy bears! :D I have Barbara Sisters ;) (ps: Barbara are their surname haha! I don't know, that name just flew out in my mind when I was 7 year old. ha!)

Jessica, Michelle, Jasmine, Mercy, Sang-mi, Duffy, Florence
(from the oldest to the youngest)

Jessica: my first teddy bear that I ever named!
Michelle: I bought her at Pumpkin Patch (a childrenwears shop in Australia
Jasmine: super cute tiny little bear was bought in Australia (yes, she's the next JB ;p
Mercy: my auntie gave her to me :)
Sang-mi: or Demi in English, was bought in Teddy Bear Museum, Korea by my grandparents, her birthday is the same with Demi Lovato so I named her Demi too :p
Duffy: she was bought in DisneySea, Japan
Florence: my mom bought her in Harrods Singapore

6. I got Escalaphobia. You know, Escala for Escalator and Phobia -___- I know that I'm weird :p

7. I got a huge crush with Eiffel Tower!♥ (someday I will visit Paris and take photo as many as I can with this Eiffel Tower *another daydreaming*)

8. I have scoliosis and I am doing chiropractic theraphy right now

And now I got a task from Amalia to show you guys what are inside my bag, so here it is ;)

I bet you guys don't want to see my school bag, right? :p because it only contain boooookkkksss haha, so this is my favourite bag to hang-out with friends!

*pssst I know that blury photo above are really annoying so these photo I upload it on flickr first! :D*

1. Blackberry
2. Purse
3. Surfer Girl Camera-look-a-like Shoulder Bag
4. Tissue Pocket
5. Comb
6. Lip-balm
7. iPod
8. DIY keychains

my lovely mobile phone ;) she has already been my besties from last year
super cute purse! I gave this purse to my best friend so our purses are twins!
oh my, I can't live without tissues *litteraly* I'm a sweaty person and need lots of tissues to wipe my sweats. that cute teddy bear lip-balm was gaven by my father.
These are my DIY keychain, the left is little red riding hood teddy-bear-version and on the left is rabbit? I don't know actualy haha :p errr maybe rabster? rabbit and monster LOL
I told you guys how I really loveeeee little red riding hood before. the rabster has a tail! oyeaah

That are what inside my bag, how about yours? ;)

teddy bear princess


  1. well, that's really good to know you're doing my task, hehe. what a cute bag, i do love hipbag too, :D

    where have you been? it takes a long time to see your posting again joshapine. aniwei, tomorrow I'll face an exam to enter university, wish me do my best, hoho :D

  2. cute..... love the DIY key chain... want one want one... ;)

  3. Ih wow, you have so many things in your purse compare to mine. I don't feel bad anymore that I know you haven't been there either :) And congratulations for the award!!!


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