Thursday, May 5, 2011

Birthday Girl

Last week, I made a birthday card for one of my friend. She made a sweet seventeen party. In Indonesia, we don't celebrate sweet sixteen, but sweet seventeen :)

This idea came out while I was having a super difficult science test -_-

it's a pop-up card (just like my christmas card)

A cute doll is holding a ballon and beside her a birthday cake :)

the baloon's string is being hold by the doll

I made ballons fly away because seventeen means you already became more mature, and you must leave those childish attitude behind, flew them away ;) *oh sok keren banget nih kata-kata :p*

trademark, trademark :D

The birthday girl and me ;) she's so pretty hehe :p *I used softlense so I look kinda weird -_-*



Thank you for your sweet comments! I really appreciate it and will reply it as soon as possible ;)


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