Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fashion Bloggers: Diana Rikasari

Last week, I emailed Diana Rikasari from hot chocolate and mint and asked if she want my teddy bear paper bookmark. She is a famous Indonesian Fashion Blogger :) And she replied me and said she want it :D I was so happy and I sent her my sketch.

well I'm not really a good sketch-er -__- usually I don't use any sketch to make anything :p just some doodle of my ideas and then cut cut and cut :D

" Hello, my name is Lil Di, nice to meet you", said Lil Di

"Hey there, nice to meet you too", said Diana Rikasari
"are we similar?", asked Lil Di. I used Diana Rikasari's outift as a model from this post

her real shirt patterns are fruits and flowers :) Does Lil Di's shirt pattern similar?
Big Ribbon, just like Diana's :)

oh nerd glasses, her trademark

now, it's my trademark. I decide to use teddy bear princess as my trademark just like my blog name :)
She's wearing shoes from UP Shoes , it's Diana's online shoes shop :)

I'm on a loooooong holiday now :D Finally I had finished all my exams, I will be a High School Student in June! Can't wait, can't wait, I'm so exciteeeed :) I promise I will update my blog more often.

pssst here is the post link about my Lil Di on hot chocolate and mint <3 :D


teddy bear princess


  1. Take enough vacation. I love the Lil Di. You are very creative and talented.
    A good week!

  2. very nice paper bookmark girl... keep up ;)

  3. I hope she will like the bookmark. It's so cute(:

    Thanks for commenting my blog. Coloured wall could boost our mood. Glad that you have fun with your pink wall!

    Wow.. enjoy your holiday and be ready for high school, girl!;D

    Oh, I can see fifi lapin there!(;

    Dreamy Princess

    Dreamy Princess

  4. lucu banget sih pakai kaca mata itu.. salam kenal ya ^^

  5. creative, another job well done :)
    Looks like Diana but still with your style *wink*

    I like how you take and arrange Lil Di on the Ipad screen!!


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