Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day And Award


Actually Indonesian celebrate Mother's Day or "Hari Ibu" on 22 December, but yesterday my mom asked me to make a card for her because last Hari Ibu I haven't made a card for her hehe :p
I didn't have any ideas what I will make because I totally forgot that today is Mother's Day hehe :p So I searched some inspirations over Internet and didn't got any inspiration -_-. Usually I get inspiration when I was doing exams, day-dreaming, or even when I was angry or stressed. I already wanted to say to my mom that this Mother's Day I won't (again) make her a card. But suddenly I remember a cute card idea from Martha Stewart!
(some random magazine that my father gave me because he said the cover is cute haha :p)

I searched for ideas for 3 hours and made a card with only 15 minutes because it's already late night -_- (yes, I just realised if I don't spent that much time in search ideas I can made more detail card such as pop-up card)

I made these little hearts to put inside the cardsThe postman will send it! ;p
first award! It's from mbak Hany from pojok utak atik :D Thank You :)
The Rules:
1. How long have you been blogging ?
Before this blog, I had a diary blog but I don't write in there anymore. If that counted, I have been blogging for about 2 years
2. When did the first time you blog?
In 2009, I saw my friend blog and felt interested in blogging word, but I just made this craft blog in November 2010
3. What is your purpose to making blog?
To know what people think about my craft and get some advice. And to improve my bad English too haha :p
4.Who inspired you so that your blog becoming like now?
My mom and other craft bloggers. My mom always appreciates and gives some advice on my craft and sometimes she help me took the photos. Other craft bloggers also being kind to me :)
5. Send this award to other four bloggers
Ann Martin (pssst, she's my first comment-er! :D)
Suzana Ilic (she's my first follower! ;D)
Nagela and Paula Hogue (they commented quite a lot in my blog :D)

actually there are a lot other bloggers that I want to give this award too but this award limited only for 4 bloggers :( next time when I get another award I will give to other bloggers that I adore too :D


teddy bear princess


  1. Dear Josephine,

    I am very honored to receive this award. My comments on his blog are for talent and creativity.
    Thank you!

  2. I'm sure your mom will love her card - it's really clever the way the heart folds. Thanks for the award!

  3. Love the way the card is also a envelope, really cute!!!!

  4. Thanks for the award, I am honored!!!

  5. awww, cute! you're so creative :)

  6. of course I want, dear.
    you're so talented.
    just send your sketch to

    thank youu :)

  7. @Nagela, Ann, Paula: your welcome ;) you deserve it! :D

    Thank you for your sweet comments ;) *hugs*

  8. Lovely envelop.
    Thanks for the award, I am honored, too!
    Your first follower;)

  9. 1 simple word.... Adorable! :)

  10. Omg you're such a young and talented little girl! I sometimes do a handmade stuff too. And i definitely will follow you for some inspiration! <3


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