Saturday, May 14, 2011

SuperStar Girl

Hello guys :D I just came home from BALI. My friends and me went there with schoolmates. It was so FUUUN! :p At the last day, we cried together because we will move to other high schools :( I will never forget you guys girlies! Can you guess which one is me? If your answer is right I will promote you in my next post haha :p
This card theme is superstar :) The birthday girl love to sing so I decided that as the theme.
Feeling familiar with this blondie? She's similar with that blondie from my last card. I really love blondie girls! :)
The mic's string is real (again) *uh I'm so uncreative -_-* similar to my last card again
I made this card before I went to Bali and started at 10 p.m. -_- I finished it at 12 a.m.
oh! by the way I just know that those cute rabbits in the background are Fifi Lapin. Thanks to Dreamy Princess who let me know ;) I already love those adorable rabbits before I knew their names.
trademark ♥

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CINDY ;) we love you xoxo

I just realised I got an award from Paula Hogue! It's funny when I knew I gave her an award and she gave me an award at the same time! haha :p I will post it in the next post plus 8 facts about me


teddy bear princess


  1. Your blog is just the sweetest! I love everything about it :)

    I'm stopping by with some fun news for you today! The post you linked up last week has been nominated for the Best in Show award on my blog :)
    Be sure to come vote when you get a chance! Way to go!

  2. nice post princess

  3. Love the card you've made! This is so neat and lovely(:
    You also have adorable handwriting, dear..

    You're welcome. I'm happy that I could help you to find out about Fifi. hoo..

    Dreamy Princess

  4. All I know that those girls in the picture are pretty! And I love the birthday card you made for your friend, very nice!

  5. cute..... as always.,, that's the creative you ;) love this card... (even not for me :D)

  6. you're so creative! :) that card is so cute and your blog layout also. btw, please join my giveaway:
    thank u <3

  7. super cute card! really love it! :D

  8. the birthday girl must be sooooo proud!

  9. great post!! :)
    visit mine and follow me if you want ;)


  10. hello there! this is the first time for me visiting your blog. Bali is awesome isnt it? and that card is sooo cute!


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