Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fashion Bloggers: Evita Nuh

Do you know Evita Nuh? She's only 12 and she's a super famous Indonesian fashion blogger and has her own clothing shop! How cool is that? :D When I was 12, I only used computer to play games -___- and I really suck in mix and match for clothes.
are they similar? :)
She said that her style is depends on her mood but as I see, she often uses colorful and vintage clothes. Her blog name is ♥The crème de la crop♥
She also good at photography, her big sisters have a photography company.
I love her icey looks! :p
She has lotssssss of tights! :D As you can see in this post
it's red converse sneakers! :) I hope I have one too hehe :p
I love how she combine her red knit hat and those adorable pins :)
smiley face! :)

trademark ♥

I just bought a new pencil colors! My old one were borrowed by my youngest brother and when he returned it to me, almost a half of the pencils were lost! :( (Note for myself: never ever let your brother borrowed your favourite things)

Note: I think I will make a tutorial! Yay! My first tutorial! :) Since I have so many time (it's holiday, right?) What do you want to know how to make? :D


teddy bear princess

Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Grandpa's First Birthday Celebration

So, you guys must a bit confused with the title, right? My grandpa (or I call him Kung-kung) never celebrate his birthday because old Chinese people (Kung-kung's parents) don't celebrate birthday. And he also doesn't know when his birthday is. This year, we arranged a birthday celebration for him :) Although only eat together with family and friends, Kung-kung seems to be happy :D

The left one was made by me and the right one was made by my 9 year old cousin. We watched the tutorial at YouTube together and made it together :D

Yes, that's a cat. Kung-kung loves cat while Popo (Grandma) loves dog haha :p
Here is the link for the tutorial on YouTube
The pop-up cake was my little cousin's idea :D she's the little version of me haha :p we love to make craft together.
Ready to be given to Kung-kung!

From left to right: Me, Kung-kung, Audrey (aka lil version of me :p), Popo


teddy bear princess

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Owlivia and Owliver

Let me introduce to our new friends,

Owlivia and Owliver!
They are owls
and they love to fly (of course! :p)
They fell in love with each other
eeeeppppp... don't peeking! :p

Do you know what's the best part? They are glow in the dark! :) of course! they are owls, right?

trademarks ♥

They love to hang out on the top of my computer screen!

behind the scenes...
"Their Dreams"-by: Josephine Sutji

(drawn with mouse computer, ups I mean Paint :p)

forgive my bad drawing skill -__________- it's like some preschool doodles haha :p

by the way, I just graduated from Junior high school! :D Thank you God o:)

Bye junior high school, and hello senior high school! :)

I won Ira Rupina's giveaway! And I got this super cute ring :)

Thank you mbak Ira :D
a perfect wedding ring? haha :p

"Josephine" ring was bought in phie garage


teddy bear princess

Friday, June 3, 2011

Fashion Bloggers: Veren Lee

Can you guess who is this? :p
nooooo that's not me, even our bangs are similar haha :p she's a famous Indonesian fashion bloggers, Veren Lee! Last month (yeah last month -__- I am so busy lately *cieilah* so I haven't contact her again), I ask her if she want a teddy bear paper bookmark based on her, and she answer yes! :D

it based from this post in her blog

bear ears and tail!

are they similar? :)

Veren used a hat but it's difficult as a bear to wear a hat (blame those huge ears! :p), so V-bear uses a ribbon!
V-bear and nerd glasses ;)

the mustard T wedges! Veren's wedges are so cuteeeee.. want that too haha :p

Veren's skirt color used to be dark blue, but I don't have dark blue color hehe :p

trademaaaaark ;)

Hope she like it! :D


teddy bear princess


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