Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fashion Bloggers: Evita Nuh

Do you know Evita Nuh? She's only 12 and she's a super famous Indonesian fashion blogger and has her own clothing shop! How cool is that? :D When I was 12, I only used computer to play games -___- and I really suck in mix and match for clothes.
are they similar? :)
She said that her style is depends on her mood but as I see, she often uses colorful and vintage clothes. Her blog name is ♥The crème de la crop♥
She also good at photography, her big sisters have a photography company.
I love her icey looks! :p
She has lotssssss of tights! :D As you can see in this post
it's red converse sneakers! :) I hope I have one too hehe :p
I love how she combine her red knit hat and those adorable pins :)
smiley face! :)

trademark ♥

I just bought a new pencil colors! My old one were borrowed by my youngest brother and when he returned it to me, almost a half of the pencils were lost! :( (Note for myself: never ever let your brother borrowed your favourite things)

Note: I think I will make a tutorial! Yay! My first tutorial! :) Since I have so many time (it's holiday, right?) What do you want to know how to make? :D


teddy bear princess


  1. Maybe you can post the tutorial about how to make a pop-up card? :)

  2. this is lovely... great job ;)

  3. waaa, mirip chaca banget! cute :) you're so talented! :) bikin tutorial pop up card, dong :)

  4. thx for the comment jos,
    iya yang forget you kocak abis Lolol :p

    The Juicy Candy

  5. Aw, I must recognize I didn't know her, but she's awesome!
    That bookmark is so cute too n_n

    Thank you for sharing this!



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