Friday, June 3, 2011

Fashion Bloggers: Veren Lee

Can you guess who is this? :p
nooooo that's not me, even our bangs are similar haha :p she's a famous Indonesian fashion bloggers, Veren Lee! Last month (yeah last month -__- I am so busy lately *cieilah* so I haven't contact her again), I ask her if she want a teddy bear paper bookmark based on her, and she answer yes! :D

it based from this post in her blog

bear ears and tail!

are they similar? :)

Veren used a hat but it's difficult as a bear to wear a hat (blame those huge ears! :p), so V-bear uses a ribbon!
V-bear and nerd glasses ;)

the mustard T wedges! Veren's wedges are so cuteeeee.. want that too haha :p

Veren's skirt color used to be dark blue, but I don't have dark blue color hehe :p

trademaaaaark ;)

Hope she like it! :D


teddy bear princess


  1. hey, it's so cute!
    I love it so much!

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  2. that is sooo cute!

    ellie oxoxoxox
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  3. Wow this is really cute!!!
    Love it!

  4. You make the cutest paper creations! <3

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