Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Grandpa's First Birthday Celebration

So, you guys must a bit confused with the title, right? My grandpa (or I call him Kung-kung) never celebrate his birthday because old Chinese people (Kung-kung's parents) don't celebrate birthday. And he also doesn't know when his birthday is. This year, we arranged a birthday celebration for him :) Although only eat together with family and friends, Kung-kung seems to be happy :D

The left one was made by me and the right one was made by my 9 year old cousin. We watched the tutorial at YouTube together and made it together :D

Yes, that's a cat. Kung-kung loves cat while Popo (Grandma) loves dog haha :p
Here is the link for the tutorial on YouTube
The pop-up cake was my little cousin's idea :D she's the little version of me haha :p we love to make craft together.
Ready to be given to Kung-kung!

From left to right: Me, Kung-kung, Audrey (aka lil version of me :p), Popo


teddy bear princess


  1. cute gifts... happy bday to your kungkung ;)

  2. What a cute DIY card!(:

    Your fam is lovely. Happy birthday to your Kungkung((:

    Dreamy Princess

  3. happy bornday to yourr Kungkungg :D
    it's so cute!!

  4. What a cute card. And it's never too late to have a birthday party!


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