Thursday, June 9, 2011

Owlivia and Owliver

Let me introduce to our new friends,

Owlivia and Owliver!
They are owls
and they love to fly (of course! :p)
They fell in love with each other
eeeeppppp... don't peeking! :p

Do you know what's the best part? They are glow in the dark! :) of course! they are owls, right?

trademarks ♥

They love to hang out on the top of my computer screen!

behind the scenes...
"Their Dreams"-by: Josephine Sutji

(drawn with mouse computer, ups I mean Paint :p)

forgive my bad drawing skill -__________- it's like some preschool doodles haha :p

by the way, I just graduated from Junior high school! :D Thank you God o:)

Bye junior high school, and hello senior high school! :)

I won Ira Rupina's giveaway! And I got this super cute ring :)

Thank you mbak Ira :D
a perfect wedding ring? haha :p

"Josephine" ring was bought in phie garage


teddy bear princess


  1. cute cute.... love it... congrats for your graduation dear... send my warmest regards to Owlivia & Owliver ;) <3

  2. Hello! those are gorgeous!! Btw, lets be friend and follow each other! would you mind to exchange link with me?

  3. Did you made them yourself, the Owlivia and Owliver? They're so cute!(:

    Wahh.. congratz for the winning and your graduation. Hope you can be successful in high school, dear!

    Yuph, that was held in front of the Mall. That was really cool, indeed(:

    Dreamy Princess

  4. These are lovely owls! I specially like the glowing idea, really cute. And, just rat time for your graduation! Congrats! Be wise as an owl:)
    Best wishes,

  5. the owls are cute! kyaaa~ love them so much!
    congrats for winning the giveaway and your graduation :)

  6. haaaa.. senangnya udah di terima. cakep deh tangannya.. :))

    congrats for ur graduation yaaaa..

  7. Loves the creative names...OWLivia & OWLiver!!!

    Congrats on your graduation, all the best for high school.
    Enjoy your time with your beloved friends and learn as many good things as possible :)
    Do not "grow up" too fast ahead of your age my dear.

  8. COngrats!!!! Wish you all the best in your high school!

    And Owlivia and Owliver. Too damn cute couple! you know how I love great puns...


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