Friday, July 8, 2011

Leaving On A Jet Plane

This is a farewell card for my friend, Winna. She just moved to Pekanbaru 3 days ago :( She asked me to made her a teddy bear paper bookmark before she moved, so I made the paper bookmark as a farewell card too hehe :p
Maybe you guys are curious why the bear is flying with balloon and shed a tear? So I drew the complete story on my whiteboard haha :p (please ignore my super bad and preschool-look-a-like drawings, and yes, that's a plane up there)
She was a Ketua OSIS! How cool is that? haha :p ( I don't know what is the English of OSIS haha -__- maybe council?) She has a blog named The Juicy Candy, visit her blog here! :)

Don't forget me yah Winna hehe :p Enak-enak di tempat baru hehe :')

On last Father's Day, I made this to my father:
My father is so busy these days hehe.. I hope he feels happy after see my gift while working hehe :p

I'm working on my tutorial! :D The best part is, it will be in Indonesian haha :p (maksudnya gara-gara bahasa inggris yang pas-pas an haha -__-) New tutorial fresh from the oven in my next post!

By the way, for those who asking, I sell my teddy bear paper bookmark or other cards! :D I already wrote that in my right sidebar :) If you want to ask me or buy, just email me at I will happilly answer your sweet emails! :D


teddy bear princess


  1. awwww. you're really creative! love the card. followers?

  2. I love that song!!! Now it stuck on my head. Your cards are too too cute! She's leaving on a balloon though,

  3. hi there thanks for your comment, you're such a creative girl as well!! keep up the good work :D

  4. Hi princess, where did you buy the papers from??? I couldnt find them in gramed :///

  5. you're so creative! may I order some of your cards ??

    reply soon! :D

  6. Hi again jo! I'd like to have card about my blog. <3 you have to tell me about the macaroon recipe soon! have you tried it anyway? I bet it tasted so good right? ;)

  7. Josephineeeeeeeeeeee, thankyou for the card, i love it SO much! well, thankyou for promote me too, i'm going to promote u back soon.

    The Juicy Candy


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