Monday, August 1, 2011

The Girl Who Loves Animals

Last week was my friend Felicia birthday :)
She loves animals and she has loooots of animals in her house :p
I'm not really good in make doggies LOL :p I prefer make teddies ;)
You know, the birds look like they're flying right? So here's the secret!
Double tape! Simple and Easy right?
I'm really into pop up cards these days :)
I love to decorate the envelope!

Feley's surprise birthday party! Kita tuang Sprite, susu cokelat sama kertas kertas kecil ke dia ampe dia lengket LOL

Hello friends :) sorry for the supeeer long hiatus haha :p I'm now official as a high school student! Sometimes I still can't believe that I'm already using "rok abu-abu". I just thought yesterday I just entered junior high school haha :p Time flew so fast. I'm a bit busy in my new school these days (you know, homeworks and tests -___-) So I just postpone my tutorial hehe :p sorry make you guys waiting so loooong hehe :p I will try to blog every weekends :) and I will reply your sweet comments as soon as possible!


teddy bear princess


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