Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm back! (With some new projects of course)

Hey there! Finally I'm blogging again after almost two months missing in action (by saying action I mean school, by saying school I mean go to school from 5.30 am and arrive at home safely at 3.30 pm everyday)
Oh I'm so tired with school days! I spend almost 11 hours outside home and I super miss my blog and my crafts! So I hope you guys apologize my absence ;) and I have bunch of projects that I haven't posted yet! This will be a loooong and full pictures post.

I made this birthday pop up card for my friend Angel :)
The theme was surprise birthday party (I made this card a week before her birthday and feel a bit guilty about the theme because our surprise didn't go really well)

This birthday pop up card is also for my friend, Jessica
Basically she's a gadget freak and craving for some new sophisticated gadget so yeah, this theme suit her really well

That LittleMacbook was inspirated by Mactini lol ;p
how to make gif
I just made my first GIF! What do you think? ;) As you can see, the LittleMac can be opened and closed.
Some decorated envelopes

These are my costumers orders ;)

"Singer" birthday pop-up card
"Basketball player (Boy)" Teddy bear paper bookmark
You can customized your order! Just email me at (ps: i love emails! ;p)

Beliebers, stay tune with the next post! Because I'm sure you guys will love those new papercrafts! lol ;p


Josephine Sutji


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