Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm back! (With some new projects of course)

Hey there! Finally I'm blogging again after almost two months missing in action (by saying action I mean school, by saying school I mean go to school from 5.30 am and arrive at home safely at 3.30 pm everyday)
Oh I'm so tired with school days! I spend almost 11 hours outside home and I super miss my blog and my crafts! So I hope you guys apologize my absence ;) and I have bunch of projects that I haven't posted yet! This will be a loooong and full pictures post.

I made this birthday pop up card for my friend Angel :)
The theme was surprise birthday party (I made this card a week before her birthday and feel a bit guilty about the theme because our surprise didn't go really well)

This birthday pop up card is also for my friend, Jessica
Basically she's a gadget freak and craving for some new sophisticated gadget so yeah, this theme suit her really well

That LittleMacbook was inspirated by Mactini lol ;p
how to make gif
I just made my first GIF! What do you think? ;) As you can see, the LittleMac can be opened and closed.
Some decorated envelopes

These are my costumers orders ;)

"Singer" birthday pop-up card
"Basketball player (Boy)" Teddy bear paper bookmark
You can customized your order! Just email me at (ps: i love emails! ;p)

Beliebers, stay tune with the next post! Because I'm sure you guys will love those new papercrafts! lol ;p


Josephine Sutji


  1. there all so cute and colorful!!!!!

  2. welcome back! they're so cute and i want all of them :p btw, i love email too, haha, so classic :D

  3. Omg your cards are so adorable!!! You're so skilled at paper crafting! It must take a lot of time! I love how the card for your friend Jessica is so detailed! Especially with the MAC laptop hahahha

  4. amazing! so detail and cute. suka bgt sama warna, gambar dan detail tokohnya. kamu tuh berbakat bgt di paper craft ini, pasti temen2 yg dpt kartunya seneng bgt :)

  5. @Paula: Hey I think there's something wrong with my Google Account and I cannot comment in your blog :(

  6. like usual, extremely amazing crafts baby :*

  7. Josephine...I am really proud of you *hugs*
    I hope Stella can be like you, very creative!!!
    keep up the good work


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