Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hearts on Card Challenge Blog

Hello! :) This will be a super quick post because actually I already prepared my projects for next post (as I promised on the last post) so anggep aja ini selingan gitu hehe :p

I have never joined in a card challenge blog before, and I think it's gonna be fun! So the blog owner will give the theme or something like that then we as the crafters will follow the theme and make cute cards! :3

"Less is More" 's theme this week is heart and this is my card!

The rules said that you must make one layer card, and I'm not sure what one layer specificly means so I only folded a 18x9 cardboard into a square 9x9 card and painted it with acrylic paint. Aaaaand because of my careless attitude, I just read that one of the rule is "A design of card with clean lines, minimal elements, areas of white space and few or no embellishments." .as you can see, my card has BLACK background and so far away from simple because I love something colorful :) But usually when I make pop-up card, I focus on the inside and the card's cover are too plain. Because I love when you get surprise and happy when you open my card :)

So most of my cards are look like me, I'm quite suck at first impresion and so do my cards. If saw me for the first time, you will see me as a shy and quite people. But if you already knew me, you will find out that I'm actually a super talkative and cheerful person :D So your craft reflect your personalities. This is my first time make a card and focus on the cover rather than the inside and it's my first time too to make a painted card :)

I hope my card don't get disqualified because I'm too careless while reading the rules haha -_-


Josephine Sutji


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