Sunday, November 20, 2011

it's Justin Bearber! Not Justin Bieber :p

Hello friends! :D I know you already waited zillion of years (nah just kidding :p) for this new post right? Because our topic in this post is..... *drum rolls*

Who the heck is Justin Bearber? Let me introduce him to you ;)
He is Justin Bieber 's twins in teddy bear version!
I made this for my cousin as her birthday present because she is a HUGE Beliebers
JBear love his NY baseball cap...
and his Supra sneakers!

Last month was my birthday (on 20th October) and I made birthday cards for myself! :p Maybe it's weird, but the truth is I've never made pop-up card for myself.

I wanted to make 15 cards (because it's my 15th birthday) but I only finished 4 because of lack of ideas -_-
The theme is my favorite things! :)
I put them in the special place in my room so I can see them everyday :) please ignore my super childish wallpaper LOL :p
I named them Josephine's lil cards! :D it's only 9.3x6 cm and it's fit to card-size envelope
I really love Eiffel Tower! This is the first card I made on lil cards series. The big Eiffel tower is a gift from my friend @xoxo_fely @xoxo_Jes @cynfebriani thank you guys :*
Actually I made these cards as my shop's name card, but I'm feeling reluctant if I must give these cards for free hehe :p
And the second, Little Red Riding Hood!
I don't know why I love her but I just loooooveeee her! ;p
Next, Matryoshka! The two matryoshkas in the middle are soooo cheap! It only about 20ribu each or about $2 each! They can nod their head with light power. And I made the matryoshka on the left side by my own, so it can explain why the she is a bit different from the other matryoshka. Guess what she is made from? Botol yakult bekas! I will give the tutorial on the next post :) *kalo inget hehe :p*
I get the inspiration from Babalisme because I really like her creations :) They're so cute!
And the last one, Domo-kun. Do you know him? He is the mascot of a television station in Japan
Do you know what is Domo-kun doing? He is juggling balls (although my friends and family think he is standing and some circles above him are rainbow -_-)
I really love the back of my room door! :) Because I can see the photos of my friends and family :D

Josephine Sutji


  1. your very creative, love your creations !!!

  2. Princess
    Congratulations for 15 years and I'm sure her cousin loved the card. Very cute.
    Thank you for your visit and comment on my blog. Yes, flowers are made ​​by me.

  3. Many belated birthday congratulations Josephine! I hope you had a fabulous day!

    Your cards are very creative and inspiring, love the colours and the stunning designs, I get a happy feel of them!

    Have a great day!

  4. You're so creative. & I just love what you did with your instax photos (: & happy belated Birthday.

  5. you are so creative young girl..
    so inspiring, :*

    Love ur blog

    Annisak :)

  6. I loved your cards on the little red riding hood!! whered you buy the stickers????? ^^♥


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