Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Felt oh Felt: part 1

I am joining babalisme newest giveaway :) I hope I will win haha :p although I'm not really lucky in something that related with lucky things hehe :p
the winner of this giveaway will get a felt craft book :D I'm so excited! :D

I am a felt-craft-maker since I was 9 years old. Even my first DIY craft book is about felt.
(I will show you the picture of my first book and my felt creations on my next post, my dad bring OUR camera to his office -__- that's why sometimes I wish I will get my own camera)

I already did the extra entries, such as but since both my facebook and twitter are private, I print screen my status and put the picture here :)

sory for the super blur image :( I'll save my flickr upload limit for my next posts ;)

and by the way, I won a Teddy Bear photo contest!! Actually my grandparents who won it -__- my mom and I just the photographer and the creative director haha :p

guess what is the winner get? a 60 inch teddy bear!!! OMG that's super huge (and heavy of course)! My mom SMS me when I'm in school and I even scream happily in the middle of the class LOL :p

I got LOTS of tests tommorrow :( *derita anak kelas 9 -_-* Wish me luck on my tests! :D (psst and the giveaway too :p)


teddy bear princess


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