Saturday, April 23, 2011

teddy bear macarons

Finally yesterday I bought macarons! I ate it once at my parent's friend wedding and just fell in love with macarons ♥
the box is so cute (but also hard to take it home because it's so loooong :p) I bought them at Bakerzin They're so colorful like rainbow
Remember her? She's Jasmine :) my cutie teddy bear on my last post
Afternoon tea with macarons
Heeey.. Is that Jasmine? What is she doing? Aw.. She is looking at the macarons.. So cute ♥
What? You want my macarons? It's mine!
Heyy! My chocolate macaron is gone! Jasmineeeee, please look at me
Jasmine looked sorry for her behaviour.. I guess I'll just forgive you :│

Here are links for macarons recipes and tips :) It's super easy
tips via klub berani baking (indonesian)
recipe via bakerella
recipe via raspberri cupcakes (it's super adorable! rabbit macarons! :D)
recipe via hubpages
recipe via SoupAddict

Note: All photos were taken by my mom and me :) Thanks mom :D

teddy bear princess

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Bunny ♥

Last Christmas, I made a Christmas card for my grandparents (my mom parents)

its a pop-up card!

and on Chinese New Year I gave my handmade card to my grandparents (my father parents)

pssst that's not my hand-writing :p that's my uncle's wife (she is Chinese) because my Chinese hand-writing aren't good enough :( first line are my hand-writing :)
Now, this Easter I only gave to my parents hehe :p Because each event I only make 1 card. I still have lots of ideas about matryoshka and I thought how about matryoshka rabbit? It's cute :D my trademark :)

I decided to put some word from Bible because I realised that easter not only about rabbit and eggs, it's about Jesus has risen :D

HAPPY EASTER MAMA AND PAPA :) and all readers too

God bless

Note: I now have 11 followers!! :D I'm so happy hehe :) Please be my follower too :) I really appreciate it

I'm joining giveaway from pojok-utak-atik the winner will get little red riding hood fabric!! wohooo I'm a HUGE fan of lil red riding hood *I don't know why :p* I will told you about my collection of lil red riding hood on my next post ;)


teddy bear princess

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Princess Quilling

I'm so speechless :D I got 4 new followers in a week!! :D

Wow you guys are so cool haha :')

I told you that I also did some quilling in my last post

So I tried to upload the pictures ;)

Hope you like it haha :p

Note: please let me know if you want to be follow back by me ;) LotsOfThanks!


teddy bear princess

Sunday, April 3, 2011


I GOT MY FIRST FOLLOWER. I REPEAT, FIRST FOLLOWER!! Wohoooo.. I'm so happy :p *okay stop the lebay-ish action* She is Suzana from Quilling With Fun I really like her quilling :D It's so detail, I can make paper quilling too but my quilling are stained by the glue -_- I wonder wich type of glue she used..

(sorry for the small image, because I wanted to took the pictures directly from her blog but the size are to big so I save the pictures and resize it. For more clearer image, see her blog :D)

Most of craft bloggers are grown-up, they're few (or actualy I never seen) teen craft blogger like me :( I really want to find friends that as craft-addict as me haha :p (not that you guys not enough, but it will be more fun if we're in the same level age hehe). If you knew teen craft blogger like me can you share the link for me? Thank you :D

By the way, follow my blog too hehe :p


teddy bear princess

Saturday, April 2, 2011

parade of matryoshka

I'm working on my grandparent's gift for their wedding anniversary ♥

I gave them my handmade matryoshka papercraft consist of them and their grandchildren (my cousins and me) it took me 2 days to made it

I used everyone favorite colours here :) My grandparent's grandchildren are 7 but my auntie insist that her will-be-born-baby should join the parade too so I made a little baby ;)


As usual, my trademark ;)

By the way, remember the huge teddy on last post? We HEART it (sorry for the blur image, I can't stop laughing when took the photo :p)


teddy bear princess


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