Saturday, May 21, 2011

Another award, Yippie!

Sorry just post again now :p I'm so BUSYYYYYY (word "busy" means for teenagers like me are hang-out with friends, texting them, and gossiping! :p LOL)
I got another award from Paula Hogue ;) thank you dear :) MY SECOND AWARD! :D
and I must write down 8 things about me, okay:

1. I'm the oldest sister in the family. I got 2 younger brothers ;)

me and brothers at 2004 xoxo

2. I LOVE CHEESECAKE! (and sushi!)

my last year birthday cake :)

3. I once had a dog named Jojo. But I was to busy to take care her so we decided to give her to my relative :'(

*sorry for lots of her photos, I must admit it, I miss her :(*


5. I really love teddy bears! :D I have Barbara Sisters ;) (ps: Barbara are their surname haha! I don't know, that name just flew out in my mind when I was 7 year old. ha!)

Jessica, Michelle, Jasmine, Mercy, Sang-mi, Duffy, Florence
(from the oldest to the youngest)

Jessica: my first teddy bear that I ever named!
Michelle: I bought her at Pumpkin Patch (a childrenwears shop in Australia
Jasmine: super cute tiny little bear was bought in Australia (yes, she's the next JB ;p
Mercy: my auntie gave her to me :)
Sang-mi: or Demi in English, was bought in Teddy Bear Museum, Korea by my grandparents, her birthday is the same with Demi Lovato so I named her Demi too :p
Duffy: she was bought in DisneySea, Japan
Florence: my mom bought her in Harrods Singapore

6. I got Escalaphobia. You know, Escala for Escalator and Phobia -___- I know that I'm weird :p

7. I got a huge crush with Eiffel Tower!♥ (someday I will visit Paris and take photo as many as I can with this Eiffel Tower *another daydreaming*)

8. I have scoliosis and I am doing chiropractic theraphy right now

And now I got a task from Amalia to show you guys what are inside my bag, so here it is ;)

I bet you guys don't want to see my school bag, right? :p because it only contain boooookkkksss haha, so this is my favourite bag to hang-out with friends!

*pssst I know that blury photo above are really annoying so these photo I upload it on flickr first! :D*

1. Blackberry
2. Purse
3. Surfer Girl Camera-look-a-like Shoulder Bag
4. Tissue Pocket
5. Comb
6. Lip-balm
7. iPod
8. DIY keychains

my lovely mobile phone ;) she has already been my besties from last year
super cute purse! I gave this purse to my best friend so our purses are twins!
oh my, I can't live without tissues *litteraly* I'm a sweaty person and need lots of tissues to wipe my sweats. that cute teddy bear lip-balm was gaven by my father.
These are my DIY keychain, the left is little red riding hood teddy-bear-version and on the left is rabbit? I don't know actualy haha :p errr maybe rabster? rabbit and monster LOL
I told you guys how I really loveeeee little red riding hood before. the rabster has a tail! oyeaah

That are what inside my bag, how about yours? ;)

teddy bear princess

Saturday, May 14, 2011

SuperStar Girl

Hello guys :D I just came home from BALI. My friends and me went there with schoolmates. It was so FUUUN! :p At the last day, we cried together because we will move to other high schools :( I will never forget you guys girlies! Can you guess which one is me? If your answer is right I will promote you in my next post haha :p
This card theme is superstar :) The birthday girl love to sing so I decided that as the theme.
Feeling familiar with this blondie? She's similar with that blondie from my last card. I really love blondie girls! :)
The mic's string is real (again) *uh I'm so uncreative -_-* similar to my last card again
I made this card before I went to Bali and started at 10 p.m. -_- I finished it at 12 a.m.
oh! by the way I just know that those cute rabbits in the background are Fifi Lapin. Thanks to Dreamy Princess who let me know ;) I already love those adorable rabbits before I knew their names.
trademark ♥

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CINDY ;) we love you xoxo

I just realised I got an award from Paula Hogue! It's funny when I knew I gave her an award and she gave me an award at the same time! haha :p I will post it in the next post plus 8 facts about me


teddy bear princess

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day And Award


Actually Indonesian celebrate Mother's Day or "Hari Ibu" on 22 December, but yesterday my mom asked me to make a card for her because last Hari Ibu I haven't made a card for her hehe :p
I didn't have any ideas what I will make because I totally forgot that today is Mother's Day hehe :p So I searched some inspirations over Internet and didn't got any inspiration -_-. Usually I get inspiration when I was doing exams, day-dreaming, or even when I was angry or stressed. I already wanted to say to my mom that this Mother's Day I won't (again) make her a card. But suddenly I remember a cute card idea from Martha Stewart!
(some random magazine that my father gave me because he said the cover is cute haha :p)

I searched for ideas for 3 hours and made a card with only 15 minutes because it's already late night -_- (yes, I just realised if I don't spent that much time in search ideas I can made more detail card such as pop-up card)

I made these little hearts to put inside the cardsThe postman will send it! ;p
first award! It's from mbak Hany from pojok utak atik :D Thank You :)
The Rules:
1. How long have you been blogging ?
Before this blog, I had a diary blog but I don't write in there anymore. If that counted, I have been blogging for about 2 years
2. When did the first time you blog?
In 2009, I saw my friend blog and felt interested in blogging word, but I just made this craft blog in November 2010
3. What is your purpose to making blog?
To know what people think about my craft and get some advice. And to improve my bad English too haha :p
4.Who inspired you so that your blog becoming like now?
My mom and other craft bloggers. My mom always appreciates and gives some advice on my craft and sometimes she help me took the photos. Other craft bloggers also being kind to me :)
5. Send this award to other four bloggers
Ann Martin (pssst, she's my first comment-er! :D)
Suzana Ilic (she's my first follower! ;D)
Nagela and Paula Hogue (they commented quite a lot in my blog :D)

actually there are a lot other bloggers that I want to give this award too but this award limited only for 4 bloggers :( next time when I get another award I will give to other bloggers that I adore too :D


teddy bear princess

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Birthday Girl

Last week, I made a birthday card for one of my friend. She made a sweet seventeen party. In Indonesia, we don't celebrate sweet sixteen, but sweet seventeen :)

This idea came out while I was having a super difficult science test -_-

it's a pop-up card (just like my christmas card)

A cute doll is holding a ballon and beside her a birthday cake :)

the baloon's string is being hold by the doll

I made ballons fly away because seventeen means you already became more mature, and you must leave those childish attitude behind, flew them away ;) *oh sok keren banget nih kata-kata :p*

trademark, trademark :D

The birthday girl and me ;) she's so pretty hehe :p *I used softlense so I look kinda weird -_-*


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fashion Bloggers: Diana Rikasari

Last week, I emailed Diana Rikasari from hot chocolate and mint and asked if she want my teddy bear paper bookmark. She is a famous Indonesian Fashion Blogger :) And she replied me and said she want it :D I was so happy and I sent her my sketch.

well I'm not really a good sketch-er -__- usually I don't use any sketch to make anything :p just some doodle of my ideas and then cut cut and cut :D

" Hello, my name is Lil Di, nice to meet you", said Lil Di

"Hey there, nice to meet you too", said Diana Rikasari
"are we similar?", asked Lil Di. I used Diana Rikasari's outift as a model from this post

her real shirt patterns are fruits and flowers :) Does Lil Di's shirt pattern similar?
Big Ribbon, just like Diana's :)

oh nerd glasses, her trademark

now, it's my trademark. I decide to use teddy bear princess as my trademark just like my blog name :)
She's wearing shoes from UP Shoes , it's Diana's online shoes shop :)

I'm on a loooooong holiday now :D Finally I had finished all my exams, I will be a High School Student in June! Can't wait, can't wait, I'm so exciteeeed :) I promise I will update my blog more often.

pssst here is the post link about my Lil Di on hot chocolate and mint <3 :D


teddy bear princess


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