Friday, June 15, 2012

Holiday's Wish List (but to lazy to realize it)

Ahoyyy mates! It's summer holiday already and I've just realized that I haven't update anything since February -__- such a bad blogger. So, I am coming back peacefully and bringing you guys tons of good news \(´▽`)/

Yes, finally I went to Inacraft on last April! I took so many photos there. Last year, I didn't go there because of traffic jam and difficult to find the parking lot -___- So my mom and I cancelled to go there.
Actually, almost 70% are BATIK. But I'm glad that many people wear batik now because batik is one of Indonesia's identity.
inacraft 1
There were so many cute and unique things
Oh my, that purple batik boots are so cute! I'm a huge fan of boots but unfortunately Indonesia don't have winter season so I cannot wear boots too often haha :p
Anddddd the second good news, I had a card exchange with Jessica Xu! I already admired her artworks for long time and feel really happy that she drew something special just for me! :)
The drawing that she made for me was ultra super cute. Do you know that she draws with computer's mouse?! She doesn't use tablet or other help tools! How awesome is that? For the return, I made her a pop-up card. The theme is "Hansel and Gretel" :) I also made the candy house.
I made a GIF from the pictures of the card to show you that the "door" of the house can be opened. For more pictures of the card just visit Jes's post

These are some cards that I made since my last post until now \(´▽`)/
The bad bad fox and Pinocchio. Featured in Indonesian Crafter's blog
I also participated in Indonesian's Crafter March Monthly Challenge
Indonesian Crafter is a community where all the crafter join in a facebook group and their motto is
"we create, design and make pretty things
we are fresh, unique, original, fun, and trendy
we are trendsetter not just follower
hopefully we will inspire others"

Every month, they make a themed monthly challenge and each member can participate :)
Actually I'm still a newbie crafter :p but the people in this community are very nice and help each other as a big family :D Come and join us! Just search "Indonesian Crafter" group on facebook and click Join Group.

Alice In The Wonderland mini pop up card
Actually I want to make fairy tale mini pop up cards series but this busyness from schools are preventing me hah!
Hope I can make lots of cards during this holiday :)
Easter Card for school project 
Stitch Birthday Card for @stellafabricia
Piano Girl Birthday Card for @RebeccaWirawan
Personalized Birthday Card for @melanieteee. She's a huge fan of Adam Levine and she's from Tegal so I think this card really described her hehe :p

 Actually I have more stories to tell but I'm too lazy to upload the pictures haha :p Please forgive my laziness :p I already promised myself that I must post another new posts in this holiday :)

Bye for now! Happy holiday!!!

ps: did you see my new header? what do you think? :)

Love love,
Josephine Sutji


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