Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December is the happiest month of the year! Yeay for "Christmas Card Exchange"! :)

Finally i'm free from exams, homeworks, and school-related projects because I will be graduated from high school this January!!! :)) Now I'm having my gap time until university. It means I can post regularly in this blog! Yeayyy for free time :D

I'm really excited for this christmas and I even decorated my house with christmas ornaments earlier than usual LOL :p

Therefore, I'm inviting you guys to have christmas card exchange with me! Each card will be personalised and hand-written by me :D

The rule is pretty simple. Since the name itself is "Christmas Card Exchange", so it means I will send you my handmade christmas card, and you will send christmas card to me :)

It's up to you whether you want to make your own christmas card, or buy it from the store.
However, you must write on the inside by yourself, because when it's handwritten, it will be more personalized hehe :)

Please email me your name and address to as soon as possible :)

My previous handmade christmas cards can be seen here:

I will update this post with several christmas card design for you to choose from! Stay tune with the updates! :))



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