Monday, August 25, 2014

Living life to the fullest in Melbourne!

Hi guys! This evening I just finished to have an interview to become PPIA's committee  and I mentioned about this blog a little bit. Unfortunately I just realised that I haven't updated anything in this blog since my super lengthy holiday a couple of months ago. So here's the update to my life since my last post.

I'm currently studying in The University of Melbourne and taking Bachelor of Commerce with major Accounting and Finance. People often ask me how I think of Melbourne, or how I feel studying in Unimelb. I only answer it with cliche answers like It's fine or still not used to with the winter weather.
However, my honest answer would be: THIS IS SO UNREAL. I feel like I'm living up the dream, like I'm living on cloud 9. Since last year, I already googled both university and city photos and now I'm here; the most liveable city in the world and the best university in Australia. I'm really thankful to God for His blessing and my family for their endless support.

I still have many things to write but I'll just continue on the next post :)
To see my artworks, please check the tabs below the title :D

See you!


Monday, May 19, 2014

Green hair update!

Hi guys! Sorry for missing in action while I'm in super long holiday hahahaha
I'm currently in relationship with my bed and guling and bantal hihihihi ;;)

Here's the update of my dyed hair!
Current status: No more blue and turquoise! all green now :(
but thanks to Manic Panic, blue hair is back yow!

You can watch my tutorial on how to use manic panic and tips for dyed hair
(hint: it's super duper extremely easy!)
it's in Bahasa btw

Next month, I will cut my hair and dyed all to black because university life will start soon! (biar irit air dan shampoo! hahaha)
I'm gonna miss you blue/turquoise-turned-green-hair :"(
It's definitely worth the experience to dye your hair once in a life time hihihi ;) #pengaruhin #caricaritemen. Because when I'm older, I'm sure my future boss won't be happy when he/she has an employee with green hair! I must keep myself to look "professional" B-) But if right now you're a grown up and have dyed hair with crazy colours like this, double high-five to you! Keep being awesome bro! hehehe because not all people have the courage to be "different" than the others :)

I hope my Manic Panic tutorial helps!
It was not a sponsored video, all materials were purchased by myself.

Lots Of Love,

Friday, March 28, 2014

Repainting Mini Cooper Tutorial

Hi guys! Do you know that I have an obsession over mini cooper car?
However it's quite impossible to own the real one right now because it's really expensive. So here is my mini cooper (miniature)! :)
I bought it in a toy store, but they only sell it in plain grey color. So I repainted it with acrylic paint, and add a union jack roof. What do you think? :D

Lots Of Love,
Josephine Sutji

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Dyeing Hair Review at One Piece Salon, Central Park

Hi everyone! I've been wanting to dye my hair since last year, but the school's rules are quite strict, so I must wait until I graduated. And now, high school days are over yayyyyy :D
I wanted to dye my hair in unusual color, which is blue and turquoise (I know that I'm weird hahhaha :p). Unfortunately these colors are not available in every salon. Other salons only provide brown, blonde, or red. So with my unusual choice of color, I must find the right salon.
I knew One Piece salon from some bloggers that dyed their hair in rainbow color hahaha
Before I went there, I'm quite unsure whether that salon's quality is good or not, so I googled "One Piece Salon Review" hahaha :p However, there are no review about dyeing hair :( Therefore, I would like to share my experience :)
So this is my before/"virgin" hair hahaha FYI, my hair is quite thick and very black, so I was afraid that that this whole dyeing procedure will damage my hair
This is the inspiration/reference photo
I made an appointment 3 days in advance. This is the photo after my first bleaching. My hair needed to be bleach so the black pigment can be removed, and the blue and turquoise can be absorbed.

After second bleaching. Each bleaching took place for about 30 minutes, then my head was heated with a machine about 15 minutes and lastly, washed for 5 minutes.

I'm not sure what this stage is called, but it's to remove the yellow/blonde color. Actually the stylist said that blue color is quite difficult to be absorbed by hair, therefore it must be bleached at least need 3 times. However, there would be more damage to my hair, took more time, and of course, it would cost more. Therefore we decided that twice would be enough and that we shall move on to the coloring procedure.

There are 3 colours used to dye my hair: Blue, Turquoise, and both colour combined

This is the machine used to heat my hair
And finally, after 7 HOURS of waiting! Tadaaahhh it's still black on the outside,
but Blue x Turquoise on the inside! And a Blue gradation to Turquoise streak on the right side

Unfortunately, my hair color is not too visible when it's indoor. The turquoise looked greener and the blue is barely noticeable. :((
With Yuta, the Japanese stylist from One Piece Salon. He's the one who gave the idea about the blue streak. I  remembered Anna from Frozen and agreed immediately hehe :)
But hers is blonde haha

How it looked like when it's braided
Time to snap some selfie hahahaha

One Piece Salon staffs said it's better for me to wash my hair 2-3 days after dye-ing and told me not to use bright colored clothes in order to prevent the color of my hair staining on them. But actually it didn't stained to my shirts, not even to my pillow.

This is after my first wash. Back to my normal and super straight hair :p
Although I wish my hair could be naturally wavy without any extra effort.

When dyeing, Yuta divided my hair to several parts so the color can combine smoothly, so it looked like this when the black hair part is being held up.
I really love the color combination! 
My hair is as curly as Marie Antoniette hahahaha
But after a few hours, it will change to natural curls like this 
I  also try to braided it again but this time only the dyed hair part. Looked like anime character hair right? LOL ;p 

Overall, I'm satisfied with my hair dyeing experience at One Piece Salon, Central Park. Although the price is quite expensive and it took a long time (7 freakin' hours), it's all worth it. Not to mention that the staffs are friendly :D
Sadly, this color will only last for 3-4 weeks. But Yuta said I can buy the semi-permanent dye and dye it myself at home (my hair is already bleached, so it would be easier for the same color to be absorbed). One of the popular semi-permanent hair dye brands is "Manic Panic". You can buy it from Indonesian online shops at facebook and instagram, or buy it directly in the USA.
I will update my hair progress on my next posts.

if you have any question about my hair, don't hesitate to leave a comment below or email me to :) I hope this review post is quite useful if you want to dye your hair with unusual color like me hahahaha

Josephine Sutji


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