Monday, May 19, 2014

Green hair update!

Hi guys! Sorry for missing in action while I'm in super long holiday hahahaha
I'm currently in relationship with my bed and guling and bantal hihihihi ;;)

Here's the update of my dyed hair!
Current status: No more blue and turquoise! all green now :(
but thanks to Manic Panic, blue hair is back yow!

You can watch my tutorial on how to use manic panic and tips for dyed hair
(hint: it's super duper extremely easy!)
it's in Bahasa btw

Next month, I will cut my hair and dyed all to black because university life will start soon! (biar irit air dan shampoo! hahaha)
I'm gonna miss you blue/turquoise-turned-green-hair :"(
It's definitely worth the experience to dye your hair once in a life time hihihi ;) #pengaruhin #caricaritemen. Because when I'm older, I'm sure my future boss won't be happy when he/she has an employee with green hair! I must keep myself to look "professional" B-) But if right now you're a grown up and have dyed hair with crazy colours like this, double high-five to you! Keep being awesome bro! hehehe because not all people have the courage to be "different" than the others :)

I hope my Manic Panic tutorial helps!
It was not a sponsored video, all materials were purchased by myself.

Lots Of Love,


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