Monday, August 25, 2014

Living life to the fullest in Melbourne!

Hi guys! This evening I just finished to have an interview to become PPIA's committee  and I mentioned about this blog a little bit. Unfortunately I just realised that I haven't updated anything in this blog since my super lengthy holiday a couple of months ago. So here's the update to my life since my last post.

I'm currently studying in The University of Melbourne and taking Bachelor of Commerce with major Accounting and Finance. People often ask me how I think of Melbourne, or how I feel studying in Unimelb. I only answer it with cliche answers like It's fine or still not used to with the winter weather.
However, my honest answer would be: THIS IS SO UNREAL. I feel like I'm living up the dream, like I'm living on cloud 9. Since last year, I already googled both university and city photos and now I'm here; the most liveable city in the world and the best university in Australia. I'm really thankful to God for His blessing and my family for their endless support.

I still have many things to write but I'll just continue on the next post :)
To see my artworks, please check the tabs below the title :D

See you!


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