Pop-up Cards

"Alice In The Wonderland" (mini card series)
2012 Easter Card
"Stitch Birthday"
"Piano Girl"
"Matryoshka", "Lil Red Riding Hood", "Eiffel", "Domo-kun" (mini card series)
"Let's Share Some Love" (mini card series)
"Danbo Birthday" (mini card series)
"Warm Fireplace"
2011 Christmas Cards (mini card series)
"Merry Kitty Christmas"
2010 Christmas Card
"Bye-bye Childish Me"
"Superstar Girl"
"Tech Geeks"
(Include mini version of MacBook)
"Animal Lover"

"Singer Girl"
"Mini Computer Set" and "Portable Birthday Cake" (mini card series)
"Doraemon Family"
"Happy Wedding!"
Example of Customized Card

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  1. Thanks a million for you.. I found some wedding pop-up cards on http://popupcard.net. They are the biggest wholesale pop up cards in Viet Nam.


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